Friday, December 3, 2010


I have struggled with this issue for a while, not with how I feel about it, but with how I feel about the people who are not gay yet feel so strongly about it.  I think of them as bigots and tend to judge and dislike them for that...and that makes me think because I am always interested when I find myself being judgemental.

I struggle with the concept that these "non homosexual folk" are oftentimes basing their hatred, their desire to reduce other people's rights, their belief that other human beings are somehow "less than", on their religion and my struggle then is based on the hypocrisy I see in the notion of all religions usually teaching love and then seeing this teaching being expressed as bigotry which can never ever be an expression of  love yet somehow the very religious cannot see to that point - despite all their apparent spirituality.

I am appalled by the notion that there are people out there who think that, whatever their spiritual belief is, it supersedes fundamental human rights, actual civil rights.  Rights do not need to be defined in a book about religion, they can be felt at core and anyone who pretends that they cannot tell what is right from wrong, what every being accrues to themselves merely by being without first reading the rules or definitions from whatever their spiritual mantra is, is being disingenuous and, I will go so far as to say, willfully ignorant..  I find the fact that they bully people with a different sexual inclination, from that deficient moral base, abhorrent and yes, it absolutely is bullying in my book.

I console myself by remembering that we have very recently disposed of both gender and racial discrimination (politically correctly speaking anyway - whether they are truly disposed of or not is the grist for a different mill post to this one :) ) and that bigotry based on sexual preference is probably just the new topic and will accordingly be dealt with in the same way ..... eventually.  Still, we call ourselves evolved and I have to wonder about the arrogance of that taking our treatment of our fellow members of society, no matter how different, into account.  We also like to call ourselves faithful and I am very troubled by how the definition of being faithful to some religion or other somehow incorporates discriminating against anything that is contradictory to that - do people not realize that the mantras they are so fond of spouting are man and not God made?.

Lastly, I am troubled by the fact that in my very passionate tirade about bigotry and bullying, I sense an inclination  to bigotry within myself - I am a bigot about bigots - therein lies both the irony and the trouble with being judgemental ....

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