Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Room Rules: What’s Reasonable?

Room Rules: What's reasonable?

Excellent question that and it reminds me of the transition I have been making from being the Mother of a child to the Mother of a teen.  Good Heavens, my daughter KNOWS how to create a mess and she knows how to do it in short shrift.  Now, this has not changed but her willingness to do something about it afterward has.

It is as if she uses her mess to get my attention and then show me that she won't do what I say no matter what the punishment.

My older family members such as her grandmother and grandaunt tell me it's normal for teens and that I am being unreasonable but I seem to remember the both of them pulling their hair out when my cousins and I were growing up too.  I also seem to remember that I understood that a plate under my bed for three days was DISGUSTING!

Every single day with my child brings new lessons as to patience, tolerance and understanding of different - all great life skills - she must be a soul mate.  I cannot think of a bigger transition than the one she is dragging me through and yes, on this count I must admit to being dragged :)

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