Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am rather snobbish about education because I am rather snobbish about who I spend time with - my husband calls me an elitist - chuckles.  It's just that I genuinely believe that time is my most precious resource and I accordingly wish to use it wisely.  I have found that the better educated folk are, the more interesting and informative they are and hence, the more time I am willing to invest in them.

That probably sounds incredibly selfish but hell, if we can't be selfish about how we spend our short time on this planet, if we cannot choose with whom, then what is the point of it all?

On that note, I have striven to be fairly well educated myself - forfend the thought of being a hypocrite after all - :) and am also particularly angst-ridden about ensuring that my daughter gets the best education I can provide for her. 

This got a bit difficult when I changed countries as I obviously had no idea how things worked in the new place.  Enter a Google search and the discovery of what I consider to be an absolutely invaluable resource in this splendid website

If you find yourself wondering how to go about deciding on education institutions, I sincerely suggest that you try this site - I have been using it since I got here, still get newsletters and couldn't be happier with the direction I have been steered in - in all my glorious snobbishness!

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