Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pay Attention

 My vision of myself as being an adaptable sort led me to naming this blog as I have.  Over the years, I have indeed, as I am sure we all have, transitioned through many life phases and sets of circumsrtances.  Truth be told, I happen to believe that that is the entire point.

To transition successfully, however, one has to be able to focus on precisely where one is so that the leap to the new space is executed correctly else one might well find oneself falling, perhaps fairly hard and far.  Now, a fall isn't the end of any given world and it is true that when I was younger, I tended to quite enjoy the sensation of weightlessness and utter terror that accompany one.  Still, as one ages, one realises that one takes damage with each and every fall and one learns that it is better not to do it that often and accordingly begins planning one's jumps a little better.

 So what does it take to plan for a jumping or a change?  It takes knowledge of the circumstances and position one is jumping from and the exact same knowledge (or the very best one can do in that regard as one sometimes hops into an unknown spot) for the new circumstance and position.

Once I established the above principle, I spent a few years really trying to research all options intensively before I did anything and I found myself lurking about in one batch of life circumstances trying to plan for the next batch, for far far far too long.

This splendid post "Pay Attention" from the greatly enjoyed blog Lateral Action explains what I discovered to be the solution.  It is about both planning and paying attention.  A little bit of both goes ALL the way if you are trying to make changes.  If you are truly focusing on what you are doing, the foreknowledge I used to seek so desperately is no longer quite as vital. 

I am now brave enough to take more chances, to try new things, to be a little different and that is precisely what a Transitionist should be.

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